Amalfi is the pearl of the Amalfi coast, its heart. It lies at the mouth of a deep ravine surrounded by dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery.

It is enriched by the stunning St Andrews Cathedral that overlooks the “Piazza Duomo” in the heart of Amalfi. The profile of “Torre dello Ziro” , The Ziro Tower, can be seen from the town. Amalfi boasts ancient convents that nowadays are amazing hotels, offering your guests a unique experience during their stay for your wedding. The views are truly spectacular.

The nature that surrounds Amalfi, celebrates the triumph of the Mediterranean vegetation – the red hot colors of the bougainvillea, the red and the orange of the Fichi D’India, and the lemon and citrus terraces.

This is Amalfi, a gift, a dream, the perfect frame for the most beautiful wedding.