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Two years ago, Mena was contacted by a lovely Irish girl, Suzanne, who had always dreamed of having her special day along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. “Suzanne got in touch by email and from the very beginning I had a good feeling with this bride, a strong connection. We thought the same about everything, our ideas & plans for her wedding; things in everyday life…so many similarities between us kept emerging.” A strong friendship had begun! 

When Mena met with Suzanne for the first time she felt like she had met a long lost friend & was greeted with a huge smile! Mena knew this bride would be a friend for life! Suzanne had her “Italian Love Wedding” in Ravello, which was a huge success! After the wedding, Mena was very sorry to see her leaving; no other bride had left such a mark in her life. Suzanne shared the same love of Italy as she did, the same passion for wedding planning. Through their time planning Suzanne’s wedding Mena saw her talent for planning and organization and realized their potential to work together. 

Italian Love Weddings is the result of a beautiful friendship. Suzanne & Mena now work together in planning every detail of your “Italian Love Wedding”, ensuring the most special day of your life is full of the joy and happiness you deserve on your wedding day. They are dedicated to fulfilling your needs and making your dreams come true! 


When I married along the Amalfi Coast, a new chapter in my life had begun….. Myself & my 2 sisters married quite close together; we were all married over a period of 8 months – it was a year full of weddings in the Egan household! This is not something that happens quite often for siblings, but somehow we all reached the same point in our lives at the same time. The wedding planning had begun!! 3 weddings in one year – each to be completely different to the other – but all sharing in a common bond of love, laughter & new beginnings!

I always knew I wanted to marry abroad, somewhere that enchanted you so deeply that it would take a piece of your heart & keep it forever. I wasn’t sure if I could find such a place.

When I first visited the Amalfi Coast I knew this was the place that would hold my heart forever. I instantly fell in love with the beauty & charm of the towns along the Amalfi Coast, the breathtaking views & the warmth & kindness of the local people. It is without a doubt the most spectacular place on Earth.

To meet a wedding planner that you trust, that makes your wedding feel as important as if it was her own, to go above & beyond her job for you, & then become a lifelong friend, is not something that happens for many brides. But I was an extremely lucky bride, I met Mena.

From the minute I met Mena a strong friendship blossomed between us. We worked extremely well together throughout the planning of my wedding. We shared the same ideas, the same opinions, to the very last detail! Throughout planning my wedding I also assisted my sisters with their weddings. I have spent many years working in customer service, recruitment & management positions & I found all of my skills that I had developed over the years invaluable when it came to wedding planning. A whole new world had opened up in front of me! It was then that I discovered my passion & flair for wedding planning! I knew this was something I wanted to continue to do long after my own wedding day, and to have the opportunity to share beauty of the Amalfi Coast with all brides to be was a dream come true.

And so began the new chapter in my life…..Italian Love Weddings.